Upcoming Short Film Project " Ultimum"

"Ultimum will tell about the middle-aged guy who experienced incessant hapless incidents in a
 very short time. At the very catastrophe time of his life he discovered unusual points and make the things shaped again by undefined occurence of a mysterious guy near him." 

Release Date 

June 15, 2014 




Pirana Film 


Michael Parks Masterson, Siyamek Rezael 

Directed By 

Bahadır Karasu 

Written By 

Bahadır Karasu 

Screenplay By 

Bahadır Karasu 

Produced By 
Ekrem Doydu

"If you watch a film without good taste of music it'd be like eating a food without salt. You never can get its real taste". So thanks to Bryan Nguyen Lukasz Lowkis Panos Panakos for their contribution making the film better with their musical talents."

What is Michael Masterson Saying ?

Early Teaser

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