Summer : A Short Film

1976. A time of love, youth, and spinning skate wheels. The last night of summer brings new highs and lows at this thriving skating rink. Cal and Stan are lifelong friends, ready to begin their freshman year of college. Increasing tension between rink owners Roy and April has brought their marriage into question. Bound for junior high school, Cameron and Bender are on a quest to find something that they do not understand: love. Behind the skate rental counter, the dreams of rink employee Biff have drawn to a stand still, with no end in sight. For each of these people, their futures are uncertain and their relationships with family, friends, and significant others are hanging in the balance. This is the story of love in its seasons, and how moments in life fade away in the blink of an eye.

With a crew of award winning film students at Biola University, 'Summer' (which could be described as 'American Graffiti' meets 'Crash') began filming in October after raising our first budget goal of $7,500. Now 'Summer' is preparing to wrap up filming this February, but first we have to finish raising the budget and bring in the remaining $2,500.

Our budget can be broken down into four main areas.
1.) Gas. The cast and crew have to commute each day to Cal Skate in Grand Terrace, CA to be able to shoot on location.
2.) Production Design. To ensure the film stays as authentic as possible to the 1976 time period, a lot of work needs to go in to finding and making genuine ‘70s props.
3.) Food. The only payment made to both the cast and crew is through providing meals for lunch and dinner.
4.) Equipment. To achieve the superior production value we are striving so hard for, we will have to rent some lighting and camera equipment.

We became film students because we love watching movies, and we're guessing you love watching movies too. So now we want to give you a chance to get involved. With every donation, we will personally contact you with updates on the film, including behind the scenes videos and photos from the set. Your support and generosity will make this film possible, and we want to thank you in advance for everything. Every little bit helps! We are so excited to be able to finish this film, and we can't wait to show you!

Thank you for considering supporting us,
Trevor Smith & Rachel van der Merwe
The Producers

Project location: La Mirada, CA