We just submitted to the Los Angeles Turkish Film Festival with the Echo Short Film.

Watch Echo Trailer Here ;

Director Statement For The Festival ;

Expectations and not knowing about the future with the affection of past, waiting is our unavoidable destiny.

Low - Budget Filmmaking .... Money seems like the vital problem for the independent film maker... Yes it's true in some way but you can not buy the imagination with the money .. Ideas are free and bringing them into reality needs money.. You're restricted in the real word but not in your mind. You're restricted due to financial problem and you are doing your best to make your film just as in your mind by spending the most less money. Is it possible ? Yes it's possible .. Your energy estimated that. That's how I made the Echo Short film.. Nothing is impossible .. As a independent filmmaker I would say I am not seeking for quality .. and I am not interesting in Festivals that seek for a quality production .. Quality means spending more money .. I have no money but imagination ideas, interpretations ...and I can call a spade a spade ; cinema is not about a quality .. It's not about money.. It's in your mind and ideas are free. Cinema is about how you look to your life .. how you feel how you think about the life itself.. because Cinema is art .. not a commercial meta !

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