About Short Film " Alone City "


Our Story

"Humans absolutely feel the loneniless, but no matter how they stand against it, their soul are not happy because of that. Have you ever been in Alone City ? Some has been there one time, Some move in there, Some give a struggle to come back."

The short film is about a guy who suffers too much because of the incidents of his recent past. He sometimes thinks he is the only one in the city. He seperated from his girlfriend and he hasn't understood the reason so far, he keeps seeing unreal or real flashbacks about his past, he tries to figure it out what he did in the past, how he get this confusing situtation, he wants help from his best friends but the real thing is this situation turns a threat for his friends. But he knows he is not crazy according to him, he knows his soul is not happy because of what happened in past.

I would like to first thank you for taking the time to read this page.

As the owner of Pirana Film which independently working in Turkey, I am really honored and glad for trying to make quality and remarkable low budget short films. Directing, Writing, Shoting , these things is very hard and it needs patience for filmmakers if the filmmakers really want to make remarkable films. So in the end, when your film is ready to be released, you would be excited because it's ready for its audience, when your film reaches standart audience number you would be very happy, if it is not , this is highly dissapointment, so all i want is, as a result of this endeavor , we anticipate deserving supports for our short film. With your support, we can continue our way to make better films.

We are Looking for friends who can share our film every possible film site, advertise our projects to the every point of world. This is what we need, thanks for everything.

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